The Laugh

A Film by Ingo Haeb

Tim is in his late 30s and still doesn't feel he has found his goal in life. He and his girlfriend Johanna have two children, but after a furious row with her that goes deep into the heart of their relationship, he withdraws to his holiday home on a Greek island to do some serious thinking about his future. In this late-summer atmosphere, surrounded by countless memories of holidays they have spent together there, Tim resolves that he should fight once more to keep his family together. However, now he meets the vivacious Sophie, who turns up with Tim's Greek friend Iannis. Tim falls in love with Sophie – and with her characteristic laugh.

Three years later Sophie is Tim's wife – and she has just been in a terrible accident. She survived but is completely paralyzed and unable to relate to her surroundings at all. Not even the doctors can say exactly how much Sophie is aware of what goes on around her. Tim has to make a difficult decision: is he able to look after Sophie by himself – does he want to make that sacrifice – or should he put her in a home? Faced with this terrible dilemma Tim finds comfort and support from his two children, and even Johanna opens up to him again …

PRODUCTION Sutor Kolonko
CO-PRODUCTION Boo Productions 
PRODUCERS Ingmar Trost, Vicky Miha 
SUPPORTED BY Film- und Medienstiftung NRW 

TITLE The Laugh
GENRE Drama 
LENGTH 90 minutes 
LOCATIONS Germany, Greece