A Film by Francisco Hervé and Tom Schreiber

Otto Fürst, a provocative German painter, travels to Southern Chile on the trail of his beloved grandmother’s first love. On his journey he learns that the man he is looking for was not just any German but Adolf Hitler himself, who allegedly fled to Patagonia in a submarine. What initially seems to be an absurd idea eventually becomes the starting point of a zany family drama and, by the way, of the greatest conspiracy in History: the establishment of the Fourth Reich, which threatens to kill the world’s population by means of a dangerous virus transported by Patagonian flamingos. Otto, a little confused, sees no choice but to try to save the world.

TITLE Vaterland
GENRE Drama 
LENGTH 100 minutes 
ORIGINAL LANGUAGES Spanish, German, English 
LOCATIONS Chile, Germany 

PRODUCTION Sutor Kolonko 
CO-PRODUCTION Jirafa, Good Fortunes Films
PRODUCERS Ingmar Trost, Augusto Matte, Clement Duboin 
WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY Francisco Hervé & Tom Schreiber 
SCRIPT CONSULTANT Martin Daniel & Shane Anderson
SUPPORTED BY Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes Chile, BKM-Drehbuchförderung