Landesanstalt für Medien NRW

Talking about the Emmy Workshop Experience

A brief follow-up news regarding the producers workshop „The Business of Television in a Changing Gobal Marketplace“ of the Emmy-Academy.

On November 29th, Ingmar Trost was invited to Düsseldorf to talk about his experience and insight he won during the 4 week workshop of the International Academy of Television Arts & Science in New York. A workshop he attended as one of two german producers together with Anna Maria Zündel (ZUENDEL Film) in Octobre 2013.


International Academy of Television Arts & Science

Producer Ingmar Trost participating in Workshop

During the month of Octobre, Ingmar Trost has been one of two German producers awarded with a grant to take part in a workshop of the International Academy of Television Arts & Science in New York, „THE BUSINESS OF TELEVISION IN A CHANGING GLOBAL MARKETPLACE – a Professional Development Seminar”. The grant was given by the Landesanstalt für Medien NRW (LfM) and the AV-Gründerzentrum NRW.

This workshop divided into a 3 weeks online programm and a Four-Day-Residency in NYC has been to designed to give practical insight and knowledge to all 10 international awardees, with a focus on new developments with regards to content and technical changes in television, as well as the marketing of new formats.




A short news to announce that we have been to Copenhagen to CPH:DOX to pitch Donkeyote.

Producers Ingmar Trost and Sonja Henrici (Scottish Documentary Institute) and Director Chico Pereira met with various people to talk about this new film project.