Post Empire


A Film by Günther Franke

Drug courier Sal long ago ceased to find anything around him at all interesting. But when he encounters the charismatic porn actress Sasha he is so enchanted by her that he messes up an important drug deal. His ruthless boss is bent on taking violent revenge, so Sal goes into hiding. For the sake of Sasha he embarks on an intoxicating odyssey with her friends Andy and Lucy, during the course of which Sal undergoes an astonishing metamorphosis. But when his boss’s henchmen corner the four of them in an old farm, it looks as though a massacre will ensue.

TITLE Post Empire
GENRE Drama 
LENGTH 90 minutes 

PRODUCTION dffb, Sutor Kolonko 
PRODUCER Ingmar Trost 
DIRECTOR Günther Franke 
SCREENPLAY Josa Sesink, Günther Franke 
SUPPORTED BY Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg 


Germany 2021