Ballad for a Pierced Heart

Ballad 700x220

A Film by Yannis Economides

In a small town in Greece, when amorous passion meets with greed for money, dead bodies start piling up and “Sleeping Beauty” Olga will never know the horrors she has been spared of.

TITLE Ballad for a Pierced Heart 
GENRE Tragicomedy 
LENGTH 90 - 120 minutes 

PRODUCTION Argonauts Productions, Faliro House 
CO-PRODUCTION Sutor Kolonko, EZ Films, Y.E. Films Ltd 
PRODUCERS Panos Papahadzis, Christos V. Konstantakopoulos, Ingmar Trost, Elie Meirovitz, Yannis Economides
DIRECTOR Yannis Economides 
SCREENPLAY Yannis Economides, Harry Lagoussis, Dimosthenis Papamarkos 
SUPPORTED BY Creative Europe MEDIA, Greek Film Centre, Greek-French Mini-Traité