The Weather Inside


A Film by Isabelle Stever

In a luxury hotel surrounded by tanks somewhere in the Arab conflict zone, German development aid worker Dorothea is busy coordinating aid projects and fundraising: with charity receptions und gala dinners she successfully woos the potential donors for support. Dorothea’s prowess in this arena is partly fuelled by alcohol, which keeps her on her party feet and also helps to keep the gnawing occupational cynicism at bay. She embarks on an affair with a much younger drifter, Alec, who happily accepts her material support as “payment in kind”. But what begins as a sweet distraction brings Dorothea dangerously close to losing control.

TITLE The Weather Inside 
GENRE Drama 
LENGTH 100 minutes 
ORIGINAL LANGUAGE German, English, French, Italian 
LOCATIONS Cologne, Düsseldorf, Amman (Jordan) 

PRODUCTION Sutor Kolonko 
CO-PRODUCTION cine plus Filmproduktion, 
PRODUCERS Ingmar Trost, Heino Deckert, Frank Evers, Helge Neubronner, Jörg Schulz 
WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY Isabelle Stever 
COMMISSIONING EDITORS Barbara Buhl & Andrea Hanke (WDR), Cornelia Ackers (BR), Christian Granderath & Philine Rosenberg (NDR) 
DOP Phillip Kaminiak 
WITH Maria Furtwängler, Mehmet Sözer, Anne von Keller, Dorky Gryllus, Christoph Rath, Michael Grimm, Barbara Bouchet, Jim Broadbent 
SUPPORTED BY Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, BKM, DFFF, MDM, MEDIA 

Germany 2015