A Film By Juris Kursietis

Modris (17) is no better and no worse than any of his peers. He draws graffiti and listens to dance music. He goes to school and has a girlfriend, Linda. He lives with and is raised by his mother, but their relationship is poor. Maybe, this is due to his obsession with slot machines, but in his mind that's nothing bad, every single one of his friends seems to do the same. The downhill movement begins like a snowball when he pawns his mother's electric heater in order to squeeze out a win on the slot machines. The simmering conflict with his mother boils over and she betrays him to the police. The court sentences him to a two year suspended sentence, plus he has to attend a correctional facility. This is when his adventures with the Latvian justice system starts, until the point, when he's thrown in one of the toughest prisons of in eastern Europe – the Riga Central Prison.

Connecting Cottbus – East West Co-Production Market at the Film Festival Cottbus

TITLE Modris
GENRE Fiction
LENGTH 98 minutes
LOCATION Riga, Latvia

PRODUCTION Red Dot Media, Boo Productions, Sutor Kolonko
PRODUCERS Vicky Miha, Janis Krevics, Ingmar Trost
WITH Kristers Pikša, Rēzija Kalniņa
SUPPORTED BY MEDIA, Nacionālais Kino Centrs, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW

Latvia / Greece / Germany 2014